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This website is designed to serve multiple audiences (students, parents, colleagues, community members, and all lifelong learners)

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YOUcan play an integral part

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D.L. Rountree Vision

"Where Everybody is Somebody!"

D.L. Rountree Mission Statement

Rountree Elementary cultivates a family of learners where every individual is encouraged and empowered to become his or her best.


International Ambassadors Academy - click here!


Our Commitment

D.L. Rountree Elementary is committed to students becoming lifelong learners.

As part of Allen ISD's distinguished educational team, our staff strives to achieve excellence in every area of education.

More information about our school can be found on D.L. Rountree's website

Follow our amazing students on Twitter! @rountreerr

More information about our district can be found on Allen ISD's website


Contact Information

You are always welcome to contact me with questions, comments, and concerns.

Email is usually the quickest form of communication during the weekdays.

Check out snapshots of our learning adventure on Twitter! @LisaGeibTX


800 E. Main Street, Allen, TX | 972-727-0550


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